Construction Cleaning
in Gold Coast

Construction Cleaning

Recently constructed or renovated your home? If you have, then you need our post construction cleaning team. After renovation or construction of a building, there are still a lot of dust and dirt lying around. It will be impossible to move with such things. We have highly skilled network of builders construction cleaners in Gold Coast area, who can make your space spotless.

Got Dirt? We Got Clean!

As renovators and builders complete the construction process, they also leave behind residues and other particles like small pieces of wood or nails. Professional construction cleaning in Gold Coast area can make your transition to the new space a breeze. Our cleaning team will thoroughly clean the area.

At Gold Coast City Cleaners, we pride ourselves on our capability to assist in all areas of construction cleaning. Whether your projects are for retail, commercial, residential properties or self renovation, we will ensure you receive the best possible clean from our network of construction professionals.

After Builders Cleaning Services

Below are just a few areas we cover in our packages:

  • Initial Builders Cleans
  • Staged Builders Cleans
  • Final Builders Cleans
  • Post Renovation work
  • Strip and Seal

Our after builder cleaners in Gold Coast provide the following services: 

• Sweeping and mopping of all hard surface floors
• Dusting of baseboards
• Vacuuming carpet
• Cleaning of cupboards, cabinet, countertops and other storage areas
• Removing of cobwebs
• Spot cleaning of doors, door posts, light switches and plug covers
• Rubbing and washing the surfaces of all windows and sliding glass doors
• Washing windows and slide doors
• Cleaning of upholstery, mirrors, and other accessories
• Washing walls
• Cleaning of the different rooms like kitchen, bedroom, toilet and sinks

Book Our Trusted Post Builders Cleaning Services

Save the hassle of cleaning after the construction and hire us today. Our cleaning team will make sure that your newly built home or office is spotless and ready for occupancy. Contact us to learn more about our amazing Construction Cleaning in Gold Coast packages.

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